Easy Ways To Improve Your Instagram Account

Instagram seems to be taking over everyone's life lately and for good reason. It's one of my absolute favorite social media platforms. Not only is it a fun way to market your business but you have so much creative freedom to make your feed exactly the way you want it. 

Being Genuine

One of the biggest things I have learned is to be genuine on your account! From your captions on your photos to your commenting, you want to make sure you are being genuine with your followers. There are a few sleazy ways to grow your account and you want to stay far away from that! From using bots to do commenting or playing the follow for follow game, your audience can tell when you are not being genuine. It may not seem like anyone is noticing but I promise you it is quite obvious! 

Make Your Profile Public 


When you want to grow your account, one of the most important things is to make sure that people can see your feed! Making your account private will only hurt your following count because some people won't want to follow you if they can't see your feed. When your profile is set to private, it means that no one will see your photos, your stories and your photos won't be seen when searching for hashtags. If you are uncomfortable with sharing personal things, thats ok! you can always create a personal page for that. 

Update Your Profile Picture 

Be sure to update your profile picture to something that is on brand with your account. You want to make sure the image is clear! If someone has an awesome profile picture, most likely they will have an awesome feed too!


Consistency breeds legitimacy! Be sure to stay to a consistent schedule if possible. This will help keep your account active and help your followers see your posts everyday. If possible, try to post once a day! One to three times per day is great for the Instagram algorithm. You don't want to overload your followers with posts so try to stick to three as your max! 

These are just a few simple ways that you can help grow your Instagram feed and help your account be the best it can be. Stay consistent and staying as genuine as possible will help you grow your account following.