3 Tips For Growing Your Newsletter List

Starting and growing a newsletter is so overwhelming. You are already so busy running your photography business and maybe even a studio too, who has time for building a list? I promise it's not so overwhelming as you may think. Having a newsletter list is so beneficial to your brand because it's the one thing that you know you have control over and it's an exclusive insider into your company. 

You may be thinking that you have nothing to write about or nothing to share. But, there are plenty of things that you can update your list with every month! From exclusive deals and sales to studio updates to even new blog posts, there are so many things you can share.  Here are a few of my favorite tips on growing your newsletter list. 

Ask to sign up


One of the easiest ways to grow your list is to tell everyone that you have a newsletter! Having a sign up area on your website may seem like you are over advertising yourself but I promise you are not! Your followers want to know what is going on with your brand and would love to get the exclusive insider information. Put your sign up bar on multiple locations on your website. Sometimes, followers will go directly to your blog or directly to your contact page and miss that newsletter sign up so it's important to put it in more than one area. 

Create an Offer or Freebie

Take some time to do some brainstorming on what your followers need! Creating an offer that your followers just can't turn down like a fun new sale or even a pdf freebie is the perfect way to grow your list. Creating a sale may cost you some money up front so be sure that you creating a newsletter each month that can keep those people around for months to come! 

Stay Consistent

The one key thing when it comes to growing anything is consistency. It may not grow as fast as you want right away but if you completely fall off, so won't the numbers. Staying consistent with your newsletters and promoting your newsletter will help you see what is working and what isn't over time. Also, followers may not have the time to sign up right away but over time as they see you promoting it again and again, they will most likely sign up! Staying consistent will be key when it comes to growing your list!

These are just 3 simple tips to keep growing your newsletter list. There are so many things out there that can help your grow your list. Be sure to comment below with your favorite way to grow your own list.