Go To Poses & Why You Need Them

Whenever I book new clients, I always make a list of poses that will work for their body type and the type of shots that they are looking for. Some clients have parts of their bodies that they want to hide or show off, so it’s important to make sure you are taking those things into consideration when planning out their session. One thing I really recommend is having some go to poses that work for most, if not all body types! Pick a number of poses that you absolutely love and know that sell well. Those will become your main poses that you can use during every session. 

Keep Planning

Even though you will have some go to poses, it’s still important to customize each session for your clients. This makes it personal and unique to every client that walks into your studio. These poses are great because they should be poses that work for everyone, no matter their shape, age and body size. These main poses are going to be different for every photographer so get creative with it. All photographers have different styles and shooting styles so it’s important to make sure that these poses fit your brand. 


You may be thinking, why in the world do I need these poses if you customize each session? Well, when you create them you are probably picking poses that are your best sellers that everyone loves. Having some universal poses like that in your back pocket is so important for those days you may not be feeling super creative. Having some poses that you know for certain works well with everyone allows you to get creative with the other poses.

Test and Change 

As you gain more experience and your style changes, your go to poses may change a little bit. That’s okay! If you look back at your older sessions you will notice that some of those poses you chose for clients you don’t even use anymore. You can always change out poses and add poses to your go to list as you gain more experience. 

When it comes to running your own business, the goal is to be able to make sure your clients purchase what you are selling! There is nothing wrong with keeping a few best seller poses in your back pocket that you know your client will love the images! These are poses that you feel confident about and can give awesome quality consistently to your clients. Your clients don’t know what you have planned for the session so don’t worry!