The Ultimate Boudoir Experience

9 Reasons You Have Found Your Boudoir Studio 

Finding an Expert

I specialize in boudoir only and have photographed hundreds of different body types over the years. My studio has won numerous awards, most recently Best of Boston for 2016 & 2017 from The Knot. It’s normal to be nervous, but I promise you are in good hands. We will find the perfect poses, lingerie and style that fits your personality, body shape, and reason for doing for a session.

I’ll be there every step of the way. From the consultation, to the lingerie styling, to the editing and design of your final product, I will always be reachable and just a phone call away!

Focus On You

Boudoir is all about you! Your images won’t be focused on accessories, hiding your gorgeous body, or any outdated styles. Every image will showcase your beauty and your personality. If accessories are used, they are there to compliment your style and chosen outfit.  

During the session, I demonstrate all poses and expressions so you have nothing to worry about!

The images we create together are timeless and something that you will be able to cherish forever. 


Finding The Right Lingerie

Finding the perfect lingerie for your body type should be the fun part, not the stressful part. The pieces that you wear should flatter your body type and show off your personality. That’s where I come in.

Not sure what to wear, or what is best for your body? Not to worry! With the extensive planning & information covered, you will be well prepared!

Plus you probably already own some perfect pieces for your shoot and don’t even realize they are just sitting in your closet. From leather jackets to your sweetie’s tie, there are so many fun clothing items to pair with lingerie.

And don’t worry if the thought of shopping for lingerie scares you! I partner with some amazing lingerie stores, have my own lingerie line, and we can even go shopping together! You will be just fine :)

*Lingerie is not provided for you, but I will guide you on what fits your body best! 


The location of the shoot is handpicked just for you and your style! I partner with different high-end hotels in the Boston, Cambridge, and Medford area.

Each has a unique style and setting, which is matched to your personality and the feel that you are looking for.

The room fee and parking are included in your session.

 Looking to do a shoot at your home? Not a problem at all! We love traveling to you too! (travel fees may apply) 


The Shoot

There are two different sessions to choose from designed to meet all your boudoir needs and budget. 

The Full Shoot ($600, 2.5 hours in length) is the most popular and gives the greatest variety in poses/ outfits, as well as the added bonus of professional hair and makeup styling. This session is designed to give you the full boudoir experience and be pampered for a day. If you are wanting a little taste of what boudoir is like, then the Petite Session ($250, 1 hour in length) is a great alternative! The Petite session does not include styling, but makeup application can be added for an additional $100 fee. 

Want more details on what these sessions include? Get in touch with me (direct link at the bottom of this page!). 


Every image is carefully hand edited to look natural and highlight your best features!  

Tan lines, stretch marks, cellulite and other blemishes are always taken care in the editing process, so there is nothing to worry about!

If there is something else you are concerned about, we will be sure to cover it in the consultation.



Gorgeous and time tested products don’t happen overnight. Each of my products have been carefully picked to showcase your beautiful images and stand the test of time. Each and every product is a handcrafted work of art.

I’ve hand edited each photo and carefully designed each product to match your style and needs.

The companies that I work with have been thoroughly researched and picked for their craftsmanship and reputation.  

Everyone has a different deadline that they want to stick with, and that is something I always try to accommodate!

Generally, I recommend booking your shoot at least 6-8 weeks before you need your images. If your deadline is sooner, let’s chat and see if we can work something out. Keep in mind that my schedule typically books up about 2-3 months in advance!

Products & Pricing

I have flexible payment options available to ensure that you get the products and images you want!

If we are short on time, or you cannot do a full product (such as an album) before your deadline, teaser options are available, highly loved, and start at just $75.

Products range in price and are not included in the session price. (The session does not include digital images, which are available as their own product) 

Most clients spend an average of $600-3500 on their products alone. Discounts, payment plans, and PayPal Credit are available! For sample images of the products, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. 


Have Fun

Bottom line is, it can be an intimidating thought getting naked with a stranger. But this is why I will be here cheering you along the entire process! There is no judgement here, just lots of positivity and hugs.

It’s my job to take out all the confusion, stress, and self doubt out of this and make sure you are having a blast!

You may start the shoot a little nervous (which is totally normal!), but I promise you will walk out of your session full of confidence.

Boudoir is such a fun experience & I encourage you to enjoy every moment of it!

A few more things to know...

During the shoot only I will be present. Stylists leave before the start of your session.

I do shoot nudes but they are very tastefully done, and remain more suggestive and mysterious.

Your images will be ready to view 3-7 business days after your session (the office is closed on Sundays & Mondays)

Your images remain private unless you give written permission of use (you also receive a discount for doing so!)

Images are stored for 2 months after product is received. After that point in time (unless otherwise arragned) they are deleted for security reasons. You are notified prior to this!

7 day written rescheduling policy. There are no refunds on sessions, but they can be rescheduled for a year from the original shoot date.



Ready to chat further?

Great! Click here to fill out the contact form on my website and I will be in touch shortly!

The first step in the process will be having a quick 15 minute phone chat with me (or meeting up for coffee!), where I will explain the entire process in detail as well as answer any questions you might have. Prior to this phone call, you will also receive my Session Guide which includes all the details of the sessions as well as the product pricing!