The Ultimate Boudoir Experience

the power of boudoir


This is Ms. A. 

                                  Ms A Before her boudoir session!

                                  Ms A Before her boudoir session!

An overly sweet soul, that like most of the women I work with was nervous about venturing into boudoir. She excitedly chatted to me about all the lingerie she loved and what moods she wanted to convey for her session. But never forgetting to add in that she may not be able to get herself to show off a sultry look. She saw herself as fun and playful, but was ready to experience what the two of us could create together. 

On the day of her shoot, I could tell she was nervous but her excitement and readiness to have fun never vanished. My favorite moment during every session is when my clients let go and are just feeling completely happy, sexy, and at peace in their own skin. I am so honored to show women this side of themselves, and open them up to a space where self love is not only 100% accepted, it's encouraged!

Ms A was wonderful to work with, and on top of being willing to share her story with you, she also wrote about the experience of her session: 

"When I first booked my appointment with Annika, I had mixed feelings about boudoir. I was excited but worried that the experience would feel forced in some way. I loved the pictures on the Ma Cherie website, but couldn't imagine that those pictures could ever be of ME. Could I really bring out the side of myself that I wanted Annika to capture?

My concerns dissipated as soon as I met Annika. Her calm confidence is contagious! When Jannicke arrived to do my makeup, her excitement about creating a look for the shoot was contagious as well! After chatting with Annika and Jannicke for just a short time (and drinking a glass of champagne!), I felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriends and knew the shoot was going to be a blast. 

When I looked in the mirror after Jannicke finished my hair and makeup, I could hardly believe my eyes! I knew than that not only could I look like the women in the pictures on the Ma Cherie site, but better yet - my personality would shine through. I was ready to start posing. 


I slipped into the lingerie that the wonderful women at Forty Winks helped me pick out for the occasion; then Annika and I talked about backgrounds and poses. Annika demonstrated how to pose for different looks. I particularly appreciated that she stood next to me to demonstrate so that I could follow along directly. 

The fun music Annika played in the background helped me loosen up even more. Before I knew it, I was coming up with ideas for poses too! The sexy and powerful parts of my personality took reign because of how comfortable Annika made the whole experience. That gave me the freedom to really express myself - whether that meant I was giggling, staring intensely into the camera lens, or even closing my eyes. 

I walked out of the shoot feeling like I was floating. I then had the excitement of seeing the photos, which were even more beautiful than I had imagined. I now think every woman should try a boudoir shoot in her lifetime. Seeing your body, your personality, and your sexuality captured through the lens of an artist as talented as Annika is a truly transformative experience. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!!!"

Ready to see her results?!