5 Top Selling Poses Video

To help you achieve a pleasing portfolio and increase sales EVERY time you shoot, follow this guide to my 5 Top Selling Poses. Includes tons of sample images, easy to follow instructions, and tips to make sure you are successful 

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Personal Critique via Skype
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Up to 1 hour private Skype call with me (Annika). During this call I will provide you with some information on how to start critically thinking about your business. I will be asking you questions in order to develop an outline for your business image. To begin improving your boudoir skills, I will start by looking at your portfolio and website critique. We will discuss things you can improve on, such as exposure, composition, angles, effects, etc. Additionally, we will dissect your website design, to make sure that anyone looking at it can easily understand it and find what they are looking for. 


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