2018 posing Workshops

Ready to learn all the ins and outs to boudoir posing, get hands on training with me, and stunning images to use for your portfolio? Then join me for a intimate workshop! The workshop will focus on posing and how to communicate with clients prior to the session as well as while shooting in order to achieve desired looks in camera.

These workshops are a one day intensive course focusing on: 

  • client communication
  • shooting flow
  • posing  (you will get to watch me shoot, as well as shoot yourself)
  • brief look at your product pricing
  • editing (you will be able to observe my process and tips) 
  • unlimited Q & A's
  • quick chat prior to the workshop to see if there are any other key factors missing in your brand
  • unlimited follow up support via email after the workshop

The cost per student is $1800, but payments can be can be broken down into three payments of $600 (must be paid in full at least 10 days prior to the workshop date). During the workshop you will get to work with 1-2 models, see me shoot, and of course ask me any questions! You will walk away with plenty of images for your portfolio and posing knowledge so you never feel stuck posing a client. You will also get my Posing, Lingerie, and Workflow Guides as well. (special student rates for adding your own boudoir session to the workshop available! A great way to experience exactly what your clients go through in front of the camera!)

Interested in group classes? Group lessons are available dependent on interest. Maximum of 3-5 students per class to keep it an intimate learning experience.Cost per student is $500. These lessons do not include prior chats to discuss your brand, or Posing/Workflow Guides.

The Details. Both courses mainly focus on posing and client communication, and will not cover detailed lighting or business information. Basic camera and lighting knowledge are assumed. Photographers working in the New England area will not be approved for private workshops, but can apply for group lessons! 


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