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with today's obsession of online perfection, it is easy to start comparing ourselves to strangers on the internet. That is why I want to be the gentle whisper among all the noise letting you know that YOU are enough. You are exactly what and where you are supposed to be at this moment. Let's not spend time on being perfect; rather, let's focus on being real. 

Below is a peek into the real me. BUT now, I want to hear from you! I want to get to know the real you throughout this process, and would be honored at the opportunity to tailor a unique boudoir experience for you. After all, boudoir photography IS all about the experience. The stunning images you are left with are just the icing on the cake! 



Facts About Me

  • I work from home in my pajamas, yoga pants, or other stretchy clothing most days. It's a rare occasion when I put on real clothes or makeup. But hey, dream chasing gets messy!

  • I met my man on Tinder and still thank the stars that I gave the app a chance. He's the best and a total hunk. He's also the only person I've met who loves mangoes more than me. It keeps things interesting ;) 

  • I was born in Germany, and moved to the States when I was 8 years old. I speak English fluently, but still mess up words and phrases all the time! 

  • I regularly get my own boudoir images taken, so I totally get the nerves! But in my opinion, saying they are empowering is an understatement. Click here to see my most recent shoot.

  • Jane Austen novels and The Great Gatsby make up my favorite books. I also have a million other books that I have been meaning to read for years. Literally years. 

  • I spent the majority of my teen years in Florida and still feel most at home in nature or on a beach. 

  • Traveling, exploring new cultures and food, are how I wish I could spend everyday.

  • I have a problem with snacking on salty foods and trying sports I am no good at (such as volcano boarding in Nicaragua, which resulted in breaking my collarbone and a serious concussion...yeah I'm smooth).

  • This is my full time gig. I don't shoot other types of photography, meaning you are working with someone who lives and breathes boudoir. I have shot thousands of women over the years, all with different body types, reasons for shooting, and styles.