With warm weather still among us, outdoor photo sessions are always a popular choice. Something really fun and different to do is beach boudoir. It's a fresh perspective and a change in scenery from indoor studio setups, hotel rooms, or private bedrooms. 

Both private and public beaches can work depending on your comfort level. If you choose a private beach that gets little to no foot traffic at the time of your session (which is usually near sunrise/ sunset for the most flattering light) you have the ability to be photographed in lingerie or even to bare all. 

If you choose a beach that is a little more public, and might have a few beach-goers wandering around during your session, you can chose to rock your lingerie if you're up for it, or  you can still look and feel sexy in swimsuits (think one-piece bathing suits as well - they can be super sexy and flattering without revealing too much!).

Beach boudoir sessions offer a much more natural and raw look to your images. Plus with a bit of sand and water on you- the photos cannot be anything but sensual! 


Annika RoserComment