The Gorgeous Mrs.J

Albums are by far my most popular products, but are especially popular among my engaged clients. Mrs. J contacted me with the desire to do a boudoir shoot for her then upcoming wedding. In the end she also decided to showoff her sexy photos in an album, and this is what she had to say about it: 

"The album turned out GORGEOUS. I'm thrilled with the result --it's so much nicer than I could have hoped it would be when I got the idea to do this a year ago. Thank you again for everything. It is RARE for me to love photos of myself, but you did it! :)"

Statements like this are why I love my job so much.  Taking my clients hopes and fears about a boudoir shoot, and turning them into stunning images that they will be able to admire for the rest of their life is an incredible thing.

This is something I truly believe every woman should experience at one point in her life. It will change how she views herself. Guaranteed. 


Styling by Jannicke Welde 




Annika RoserComment