The Gorgeous Ms. N

Although I am a little late in posting this, as promised here are some of my favorite shots from Ms. N's session. I met Ms. N at a L'ecole Nuit trunk show last year. She came in with her boyfriend and both had expressed interest in a boudoir shoot. A few months later I heard from Ms. N again and she was ready to start planning her session! We got started and did a lot of brainstorming on what feel her session should have. At first we had a bit more modern of a look, but as we were forming our ideas Ms. N decided that she would prefer something darker and moodier. I LOVE the finished look of her session. It is sexy, dark, messy, and shows off her amazing pilates body. 

One of the other things that really stood out for me when planning Ms. N's session was the involvement of her boyfriend. Most of my client's partners never know that they are going to be surprised with sexy photos, so it was really refreshing for me to work with both of them through the whole process. Plus I have never seen a guy be so involved in the planning of a session! It was so sweet to see his excitement and commitment to Ms. N, and in making sure her experience was everything he wanted for her. He went shopping with her, gave his input wherever he could, and even made his own Pinterest board with ideas! I love the shocking element of gifting boudoir images, but I bet this experience brought the two of them closer together and seems like a great alternative to a surprise gift. 




Styling by Jannicke Welde

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