A Dream Come True

As many of you know, I love to travel. Well not so much the actually traveling bit as I am terrified of flying, but the part of being out of your element and experiencing new cultures. Coming up in about a week, I will have a big travel item checked off of my bucket list- India.

I am so very thrilled about this trip since it has been a dream of mine since I was about 10 (and of course I am a bit nervous!). And another added bonus to this amazing trip is that my sister will be with me the whole time! Since we do not live near each other, I am always excited when we get to spend time together. 

 We are going there with the Caledonian Society of Scotland, and I will be photographing all the various events and fun things planned for the group to later turn them into a book. I was looking through the itinerary the other day, and it looks amazing! Some of the fun things I will be photographing are elephant polo, bangle making classes, two traditional balls hosted in palaces, spice markets, village tribe walking tours, museums and many other entertaining events! 

When the event is all over my sister and I will take a couple days to head to Agra and see  the Taj Mahal. We are planning on going to see the sunrise there as everyone has told us how magical it is!

I will document the whole trip and keep you all up to date with posts on Facebook.

......also keep yours eyes peeled for some boudoir photos from India!! 

I will still try to respond to emails while I am over there, but there may be a bit of a delay. Please be patient, promise I will write back! 



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