Vampy Boudoir

Boudoir is used to portray an endless amount of looks and feelings. It can be romantic, sexy, enticing, modest, daring, or desirous. Recently, a newer trend has come about with dark, moody, and super sexy boudoir images. Every one of us has an inner vixen dying to come out, and we should embrace and own it! 

Vampy boudoir can be intimidating at first glance- especially while shopping for fitting lingerie. Do not be turned off by all the straps and attachments, these pieces are very flattering to the feminine form! 

Bordelle Lingerie is a leading designer in all things dark and sexy. Their pieces are filled with intricate details, straps, and form fitting shapes. They are certainly on the higher end of the lingerie spectrum, but well worth the investment. Best of all Forty Winks in Cambridge has started carrying a few of their sets! This is a good thing to keep in mind seeing as though Ma Cherie clients receive a discount :-)

(Images from Forty Winks of Bordelle Lingerie) 

(Images from Forty Winks of Bordelle Lingerie) 

For the more budget conscious shoppers, there are a lot of options available too! Check out Black Heart Lingerie, as well as Frederick's of Hollywood, who has added some alluring pieces to their new collection. 



Dark and moody boudoir images are currently in high demand. We am thrilled about this because it taps into a different kind of "sexy" and will make women feel empowered and confident. Afterall, what more could a woman want?  

We recently had a session where we got to play around with the darker Boudoir! Annika did a shoot with the lovely Ms. A who took on a sultry approach to the darker side of Boudoir, wearing Else Lingerie (available at Forty Winks and Lecole Nuit). Take a look at the rest of Ms. A's photos below:

(Ma Cherie images by Annika) 



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