Katherine: Part 1

Recently, we had the pleasure of doing a shoot with the very talented Katherine Henry! She is the photographer and owner at Katherine Henry Boudoir. Annika and Katherine got to experience a shoot from the other side of the camera, modeling for one another in their very own Boudoir experience!

The images shown from Katherine's shoot were taken in an incredible, rustic, downtown loft. Between natural lighting, high ceilings and the overall rustic charm, it is the perfect spot for your very own shoot! If you are looking for a light and airy, vintage feel, this is the place for you. Now when you book with us, you have the option to shoot in our studio, at your own home, or in this exclusive space that's only available to Ma Cherie clients!

Even though Katherine photographs women and helps make them feel beautiful everyday, she shared what a great moment it was to look at herself differently after having a child and being able to get in touch with her sexy side again. Throughout the shoot, she was so confident in front of the camera, had fun and looked beautiful in various looks from For Love and Lemons and Forty Winks (the black sequin set, available at Forty Winks). Annika really enjoyed getting to photograph Katherine, and looks forward to doing more work with her in the future!

Tomorrow, we have a lot in store for you. We will be posting part two of Katherine's shoot, as well as, the first part of Annika's Boudoir shoot! Stay tuned :)

 (Images by Annika)

Styling by TADA Makeup & Weddings




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