My first Boudoir shoot with Annika Roser

Last week we had shared Annika's shoot, so I thought what better a time than to share mine this week! 

As some of you may already know, I started working for Annika at Ma Cherie Studios a year ago, as one of her hair & makeup stylists. Throughout the year we have worked on countless shoots together, providing our clients with the ultimate Boudoir experience. We have grown together, laughed together and genuinely enjoyed becoming such a tight knit team at the studio! 

This summer, Annika had asked me to take on the role as her personal assistant. I was thrilled to be given such a great opportunity within the company, while still getting to focus on my passion for styling our clients at their shoots! 

Annika and I had discussed having me model for a shoot, where I would then kindly decline saying "I like to work behind the scenes". Also known as, my way to cover up being nervous about doing so! Like every woman, I struggle with my own insecurities and wasn't sure I'd feel comfortable and sexy enough...boy, was I mistaken! 

I was finally convinced to take part in a shoot. My one agreement, was to have the shoot take place in my apartment so that I felt a bit more comfortable. This thrilled Annika because she loves the old vintage charm that my apartment had.  

During the shoot I started off nervous, as expected, but quickly forgot I was wearing nothing but lingerie! From the way Annika demonstrated the poses, to her comforting approach, I felt completely at ease...and dare I say, even sexy! 

The more we got into the shoot, I could feel myself just having fun and embracing my femininity. Kind of a "I am woman, hear me roar" moment! the experience was one that will always stand out. It was liberating, fun and made me feel confident in the skin I'm in. 

I am so glad to have done my own shoot and gain a further understanding into Boudoir, why Annika and I do what we do and how beneficial it is to embrace all that you are! Ladies, if ever you have had a doubt, or let your insecurities get the best of you, please consider taking part in your own shoot. Every single one of us deserve to feel as beautiful as Annika's made me feel! 

(Images by Annika) 

Styling by Kristen Postle




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