The Gorgeous Ms. L!

Our client, and good friend, Ms. L rocked it out during her shoot! Initially, she was unsure about doing a shoot, but decided it would be fun and a great birthday gift to herself.  

We love that she did it, tapped into her sexy side and came out of the experience feeling more empowered and confident! As much as Boudoir is a great gift for your sweetie, it is also something we encourage all women to do for themselves. 

Ms. L wanted to go with a traditional pinup inspiration for her shoot. She displayed how wearing pieces like high waisted bottoms (that were actually a bathing suit!) and a button down, can be a creative way to style yourself aside from sexy lingerie. We love when our clients incorporate clothing and show a different take on Boudoir!

Between her vivacious personality, polka dots, curls and classic makeup we could not be happier with how this session came out! :) 

Styling by: Kristen Postle

(Images by Annika)





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