Halloween Boudoir Shopping!

Yesterday we had posted some awesome images from my geisha themed session at the studio! When we were planning out this halloween shoot, it was important to make sure the styling for hair, makeup and wardrobe would translate as a geisha. 

With doing styling as a career, the hair and makeup came naturally through tapping into my creative side. Where as the planning for my outfit was done with Annika's experience in dressing the client.  

We had set out on Newbury street to find lingerie and accessories for this shoot. It was so much fun going around to all different stores and piecing together the look! Our shopping adventure started at Victorias Secret where Annika showed me a sexy half lace, half satin, teddy. It was all black and fit to my body perfectly.

From there we walked to Forever 21 in search of a garment that  would have some sort of Asian influence. After looking through jackets, robes and anything with a floral print, we came across the perfect silk shirt. It was cropped, which allowed the teddy we had previously purchased to be shown, had an Asian influence to the floral pattern and had bell sleeves mocking a kimono.  It was perfect! While at Forever 21 we also purchased a hair chain to accentuate my geisha hairstyle.

Our final stop was at H&M where we got all of our accessories at a great price! They had these really sexy red high heels and a bright aqua pair of dangle earrings. Two items that would add a touch of color and perfect the look. 

The fun thing about shopping for a boudoir shoot, whether it be for a wedding gift, or because you are taking part in one of our halloween sessions, is that you can incorporate pieces from all different places. Including unconventional clothing that you wouldn't normally see with lingerie, or in place of it. We encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and get creative with your styling!

We are so happy with how these images came out and cannot wait to see what you come up with for your very own boudoir shoot :) 



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