Our Contest Winner: Miss J.B.!

Not long ago, we ran a contest for one lucky lady to win a free boudoir session with us! We had women send in reasons why they deserved a free shoot, and had our followers on Facebook vote on their favorites. Miss J.B. was our winner! 

Here is a copy of her submission message:  "I moved to the Boston area for graduate school a year and a half ago. I left my Midwestern home, my family, and my boyfriend to chase an opportunity for higher learning. Long-distance relationships are tough - I miss my boyfriend every second of every day.

However, I have to accept the good that has come with my solo adventure to New England. It has been here that I have gained independence and learned so much more about myself. I spent most of my young adult life chasing perfection, only to achieve self-deprecation. My boyfriend was pained to see me so miserable, but he has always had faith in me. Now, I have come to truly accept myself for who I am, and I can actually say that I love myself. My personal growth has been immense, and I would love and opportunity to show my boyfriend the strong woman I have become.

thanks to his support from a thousand miles away, I have truly blossomed. I would be delighted to show him my gratitude through boudoir photography. My boyfriend knows the real me, the one I only show in my boudoir.  He appreciates my strengths, he loves me for my thoughts, and he understand my desires. He had asked my father for permission to marry me. I ask you for permission for me to give him the gift of me - all of me."

Her moving submission captured the attention of our facebook followers and won her the opportunity to give that gift to her boyfriend, she so desired. 

Miss J.B. was seriously one of the sweetest, most genuine women we have ever worked with.  

It was truly such a pleasure getting to do the shoot for her and we are so excited with how it made her feel! Below is a teaser image of Miss J.B. in our very Marilyn set. Stay tuned for the rest of her session, coming soon! :)

(Images by Annika) 

Styling By: Jannicke Welde




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