Contest Winner: Miss J!

We are excited to share part two of Miss J's session! She was inspired by Jackie Kennedy and wanted to channel that look into her session - we think she nailed it! 

It was so great getting to do a shoot with her! She was one of the kindest people we have had the pleasure of working with and we are truly happy that she won this contest, it was well deserved. 

We are happy to share her comments on the experience with you all: 

"The album is gorgeous. I take a peek at it whenever I feel bad about myself. I honestly don't think I can express how much it means to me. Overall, I've felt so much more confident since the shoot. Plus, I have this amazing evidence of how darn hot I am too ;) I'd do this again in a heartbeat...and I very well might! I showed a few pics to my girlfriends and they were shocked! They said "Oh, I'd never look that good", etc, but I'm trying to convince them they should do it too. Honestly, it was so easy. Jannicke made me gorgeous with hair and makeup, and you told me exactly what to do. 

This shoot was absolutely perfect in every way. I had fun with you and Jannicke, looked like a bombshell, have an amazing album filled with the evidence, and I feel like I barely had to put forth any effort! Everything was flawless and I applaud you for how professionally you run your business and how easy you make what could be an uncomfortable situation for your clients."

(Images by Annika) 

Styling By: Jannicke Welde




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