5 Lingerie Stores You'll Love To Shop

Here at Ma Cherie Studios, I am constantly surrounded by gorgeous lingerie! Lingerie seems to make it's way into everyday and I don't hate it. I love seeing what my clients have picked out for their session. Choosing lingerie is such a personal purchase and I love to see their personalities show through each piece. There are so many different places to shop that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. I've put together 5 of my favorite places to shop for lingerie!

Forty Winks

Forty Winks

Forty Winks is one of my favorite local places to shop. They are right in Cambridge and always have a beautiful selection of lingerie. The staff at Forty Winks is absolutely amazing and have helped my clients pick out the perfect pieces for their session. From bodysuits to garters to bra and panty sets, they have something for everyone. They are constantly getting in new pieces so you are bound to get the perfect piece for your session! Shop Forty Winks here.

Thistle and Spire

 Thistle & Spire is designed by juxtaposing luxe fabrics & alluring architectural details mirroring the multi-faceted sides of being a woman.  A woman owned and operated small team of creatives in Brooklyn.Thistle and Spire might just be my favorite store right now. From strappy lingerie to beautiful lace detailing, their lingerie has amazing details that will make you feel sexy no matter what.  Shop Thistle and Spire here.



Journelle is a great place to check out if you aren't sure what you are looking for.  They have a lot of different brands so you have so many things to pick from. The name, taken from the French word "journellement," meaning daily, is a nod to the belief that wearing lovely lingerie is an everyday luxury.  Journelle's main mission is to help women feel beautiful from the inside out! They have beautiful lingerie pieces that will make you feel so beautiful in your session or just in your everyday life. Shop Journelle here.

Gooseberry Intimates

If you are looking for pretty lace lingerie, Gooseberry Intimates is for you! It's a French lingerie label that has so many pretty details on each and every piece. It has so many delicate lines and details! Each piece is almost too pretty to take off! The chic styles and soft lines are the foundation of each and every design. They can be found online! Shop Gooseberry Intimates here


If you are looking for a budget friendly place, Yandy is the perfect place! From bodysuits to bra and panty sets, they have so much to pick from. They are constantly adding new pieces. They have robes, rompers and everything in between. Shop Yandy here

These are just a few of my favorite places to shop but there are so many more stores out there! Don't feel like you have to get every piece for your session from the same place - there are so many options.