Picking The Right Lingerie For Your Wedding Day

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is always one of the hardest decisions to make but picking lingerie to go with it too? Ugh! It's one of those wedding day things that gets overlooked a lot and when you are searching last minute it can be tricky to find the perfect piece. Here are a few tips to make it that much easier!



When choosing your wedding dress, usually what you will wear underneath never comes to mind. But, try to think about it when you are trying on your dress. Do you want to go strapless?  Do you have an open back? All of these details will play into finding the perfect lingerie that can remain invisible and unseen. You want to make sure that your lingerie looks seamless under your dress. Try to keep the texture fairly smooth, depending on the texture of your dress of course. 


Don't go crazy with colors! If you choose something bright and colored, you may see it under your dress. If you are wearing white on your wedding day, white or nude lingerie works perfect. Try different shades of white and nude and see what works best with your dress. Keep it mind that sometimes bright whites can show through so you may want to try on a few different types.


When you are searching for the right lingerie, make sure it is comfortable. You will be wearing it from morning till night so you want to make sure nothing is digging in to you or too tight. Comfort is key! You don't want anything to take away from your special day. 



Don't be afraid to splurge a little! It is your wedding day after all. The lingerie that you wear is going to be one of your most special pieces that you own. Every time you put it on you can remininsce of your wedding day. 

Day To Night

When choosing your lingerie, think about if you want to be able to transition from day to night. Is this something you want to wear on your wedding night? You can always pack a bag with different lingerie pieces if you want to spice things up after the wedding.  There are many different options out there that are both functional and super sexy! Having a simple piece with a little sex appeal will allow you to wear it again and again for all different purposes - you can even bring it on your honeymoon! 

Lingerie shopping is supposed to be fun! Don't overthink it. If one piece doesn't work, keep trying on more. There are so many different options out there that you are bound to find one that you absolutely love!