Summer Lingerie Trends

Summer is right around the corner and beach season will be in full swing. As you are picking out your favorite summer wardrobe pieces, there is one thing that you are most likely  forgetting about – lingerie! Lingerie trends change with the season, just like everyday clothes!  I cannot wait to share with you some of my favorites to watch out for this summer season. 


All White Everything

White lingerie is going to be everywhere this summer. You are probably thinking that the only bride to be's can pull off all things white but I promise white lingerie is not only for brides. From teddies to bralettes, white is popping up everywhere on the runway. It looks amazing against tanned skin and looks great with brightly colored accessories. You can even take a fun, white lace bralette outside of a boudoir session and pair it with your favorite top for a night out. One of my favorite white lingerie sets is the Clo Intimo Fortuna from Forty Winks - check it out here.





Strapless is going to be a staple this summer. Whether it is a strapless bra or even a strapless corset, they are everywhere! It's a popular look in the summer because most ladies love to show off their shoulders. If you don't want to rock the no bra look then you can absolutely use a strapless bra. If you are searching for the perfect strapless corset, check out the Petunia Strapless Underwire Corsette Bodysuit from Nordstrom

Cheeky Bottoms

I always recommend cheeky bottoms because they make the tush look absolutely amazing during sessions. Last season we saw a lot of different styled thongs which are always a sexy go to but if you are looking for something with a little more coverage cheeky bottoms are for you. They are still comfortable and sexy on everyone! It is great for lifting the bum and there are endless options to choose from. 



Bustiers seem to be popping up everywhere and ladies, they are oh so sexy in sessions. Not only are they perfect for a sexy night in but they photograph beautifully. Not only are they amazing for boudoir but you can even wear them with your everyday wardrobe. Think about pairing it with a high waisted pair of shorts or jeans! A fan favorite is the Loveswept Longline from Blush Lingerie. 


What is your favorite summer lingerie trend? Comment down below!