Tips For Finding The Right Bra

One thing that most ladies hate doing is going bra shopping. Sometimes, it's just not fun! There are so many different types of bras out there and so many different sizes and not all stores are the same. There are so many things to think about that it becomes overwhelming. 

Most ladies out there are actually wearing the wrong size bra. Whether the straps are digging into their shoulders or there are some awkward spillage happening, I promise you are not alone! Over the years, I have learned a lot about finding the right bra. I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips with you. It's just a few things to think about when you are out shopping for the perfect bra. Also, if you don't find the perfect one right away, that's okay! Keep shopping!

Sister Size

Did you know that bras have a sister size? There are so many varieties of bras and some stores run a little different size wise. It's important to know your sister size because you may find that some stores don't fit you in your regular size but will in your sister size.

The Band

Did you know that most of the support actually comes from the band and not the straps? The cups hold your breasts in place but the band does most of the work. The straps are actually just there to give the cups a natural look and to keep them flush with your body. 


The band should be snug up again your body, not suffocating or too loose. It's best to start wearing your bra on the loosest hook so over time, when it starts to wear you can switch down to the closer hooks. This will help give you the support that you need as it starts to wear a little. 


If you find that your straps are digging into your shoulders, it means one of two things. Either your cups are too small or your band is too big. If the cups are too small you may find yourself spilling out around the sides. if your band is too big, the straps are doing all of the work for your bra. Also, if the bra is worn it may have lost some of the support in the band and it's time to get a new one!


A good bra should last you about a year. If you are washing it correctly and not wearing it too often, it should still stay in pretty good condition over that year. But of course, the more you wear it and the more you wash it, you will find that it starts to lose it's support pretty quickly. To keep your bras lasting longer, make sure you have plenty to wear and that you take care of them the best you can.

These are just a few tips to help get you started on the right path when shopping for your bra. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don't be afraid to ask for help wherever you are shopping. They will be able to get the perfect bra for you in the right size and answer any questions or concerns that you may have!