5 Stores to Shop For Lingerie When You Are Feeling Stuck

Here at Ma Cherie Studios, lingerie is a usual topic of discussion. From lingerie I'm loving to what I recommend for clients, I feel like lingerie has become part of my everyday life. But, just because it comes to natural to me, I forget that it can be difficult for clients to find exactly what they are looking for. There are so many great places to shop for lingerie that it can almost become overwhelming. With endless stores and online boutiques, where do you even begin. You are probably looking for that perfect piece for your session and I promise it is out there! You may just have to do a little bit of digging. That's why I wanted to share my top 5 places to shop for lingerie when you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck. 

Forty Winks

Forty Winks is a fan favorite here at the studio! They are right here in the city and they have an awesome website to shop as well. (perfect for you ladies that are not local!) They are constantly finding new amazing pieces and the quality of every piece is to die for. You know that when you purchase from Forty Winks, it's a piece that you are going to have for years to come. I love how versatile their store is and that they are constantly updating their stock! One of my favorite new pieces right now is their Lonely Lydia Underwire Bra. 


Ma Cherie Lingerie

Ma Cherie Lingerie is my very own lingerie line! I have created pieces that I know my clients will rock in and out of the studio. From kimonos to garter belts to bra and panty sets, there is something for absolutely everyone. The best part about it? You can wear these pieces in your everyday life as well! I wanted to create a collection that was perfect for the studio, the bedroom, and for your everyday life! One of my favorite pieces right now is the newest piece in the collection, the Jade set! 


Thistle and Spire

If you are looking for some sexy strappy lingerie, check out Thistle and Spire! It's a new found love of mine. They have so many amazing pieces that I wish I could just wear them every single day. From bodysuits to sleepwear, they have something for everyone. I love how different their pieces are and each piece has such beautiful details throughout. One of my favorite pieces right now is their Morgan Off Shoulder Bodysuit in Chambray.


Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.19.37 AM.png

Free People

For the lace loving lady, Free People is my go to recommendation. They have so many gorgeous lace pieces that look great in sessions. They have a lot of great bodysuits that work well alone or even with a pair of jeans. it's perfect for the woman who wants to have versatile pieces that they can pair with pieces in their closet for everyday wear to. The Mason Bodysuit is one of those pieces that is stunning on it's own but also perfect to pair with jeans!  



Nordstrom is one of those places that have a little bit of everything. They carry many different brands and have options from cute and casual to super sexy. It's a great place to try out a few new brands if you are not sure f how they will fit. They have everything from corsets to garter belts to the classic bra and panty set. It's also a great place to pick up robes, sweaters and jewelry for your shoot as well! One of my current favorites is this beautiful lace romper from Palindrome, the Ether Lace Romper. 

These are just a few of my favorite places to shop when I am feeling stuck! But, don't be afraid to branch out from these 5 places. There are so many places to shop from and I'm sure whatever place you choose will be the perfect place for you.