Wearing Lingerie With Everyday Outfits

Here at Ma Cherie Studios, I’m around lingerie everyday! One of my favorite things about lingerie is that you can pair it with your everyday staples to make the perfect outfit - whether you are just running errands or going on a date night. There are so many gorgeous pieces of lingerie that have such beautiful lace detailing that I just want to wear them all the time.

You may be thinking that lingerie is just too sexy to wear with your everyday wardrobe but I promise it is not. There are so many ways that you can dress down and dress up a piece to make it work with your outfit of the day. Here are a few of my favorite ways to pair lingerie from my own shop into my everyday wardrobe, whether that be for running errands, a night on the town, or even meeting with clients!

2018-09-13 02.03.01 1.jpg

The Bailey Bra

Pairing a cute bra or bralette with a tank top, low cut top, or even an off the shoulder top is such a fun way add details to a basic top. I’ve paired The Bailey Bra with a simple tank top and I love how the lace is peaking through on the sides of the bra. It’s the perfect outfit for running errands, a day out with friends or even just hanging out at home. The Bailey Bra is a fun twist on your typical bra and is not only super comfortable but also has the perfect amount of sexy to it. The best part about pairing a lace bra or bralette with your top is you can either have a pop of color show or pair it with a similar color top which makes it look like it is just the lace detailing of your shirt. Either way, it’s the perfect way to add a cute lace detail to any outfit. Shop this look here.

2018-09-13 02.02.59 1.jpg

The Brooklyn Bodysuit

Bodysuits are one of my favorite ways to dress up an outfit! There are so many different options out there from patterned and multicolored to lace and even cotton. Bodysuits are on trend right now and you can find them at just about all of your favorite stores. My favorite thing about pairing a bodysuit with an outfit is it gives you so many options. You can dress it down with jeans and a sweater or even dress it up with a leather jacket and cute accessories. I’ve paired the Brooklyn Bodysuit with high waisted black jeans, a black bra and a statement necklace. It’s the perfect going out outfit and the lace detailing adds that extra sex appeal. The best part? No one will even know that it is actually lingerie! Shop the Brooklyn Bodysuit here.

2018-06-13 10.08.32 1.jpg

The Marni Bra

To say this is my favorite bra may be an understatement. It’s a weekly staple in my life not just because it’s so comfortable but it’s absolutely beautiful! I’ve paired it with two different looks so you can see how you can mix and match with different everyday pieces and it still looks beautiful!

The first look is just paired with a jumpsuit and a statement necklace. The lace details of the bra are peaking through on the top. This is such a cute look for going out to lunch with friends or even a casual dinner date night. I love this outfit because it is casual enough for a day at work but also cute enough to go out afterwards.


For the next look I’ve paired the bra with a simple tank and a kimono. It’s the perfect outfit to wear to work, a meeting or even just for the day! Just like the first outfit, the black lace is showing through above the tank top. It’s the perfect way to show off those beautiful lace details and no one will even know that it’s actually your bra - it looks like you have a black tank top under your top!

To shop the Marni Bra, click here.

Pairing lingerie with your everyday outfits is the perfect way to get creative with your day to day clothing items and to show off those beautiful lingerie pieces you are just dying to wear. What is your favorite lingerie piece to pair with clothes? Comment below!