What's your excuse?

When it comes to booking a boudoir session, I’ve heard almost every excuse in the book. I talk to women just like you every single day. They’ve been scared, intimidated, self-conscious, and not confident about their body, just like you. I have heard women talk themselves out of why they shouldn’t do this for themselves too many times and decided to write about it! It’s time to get rid of those negative thoughts and reasons thinking you aren’t deserving and instead think about all the reasons why you should do a session! It’s now or never. If you are thinking of doing it - what’s holding you back? 

Beauty begins.jpg

The Cost

I get it, bills are something you just can’t get away from and treating yourself to a boudoir session does come with a price tag. But that is exactly why I’ve created a few options to help you afford a session without having to skip out on that mortgage bill. I want to make this experience possible for you without having to give up something else (let’s be real, that would kill all the fun!). Therefore, I offer flexible payment plans through my studio and PayPal Credit so that you can budget and plan for this and get the whole experience. You don’t have to skimp on your session at all! You get the full pamper experience - sounds amazing, right?!

Plus, I teach each of my clients what wardrobe works best for them. If you don’t have the budget for a ton of new things, don’t stress! I encourage mixing clothing with lingerie, mixing old and new, and even LOVE the lingerie available on Amazon. Trust me, there is a solution for whatever financial hurdle is holding you back!


These images are SO personal - hello boobs! This is why I’ve created a system where you only have your oh-so-sexy images shared if you give me signed consent. If you say no or don’t sign the release - they stay private and then get deleted! Sounds like a win-win, right?! This session was personally customized just for you so of course, the image-sharing process goes the same way! It’s your body, so it’s your rules on how you want them to be shared. Only want body images shared and keep your face out of it? No problem. Want identifying tattoos hidden? Not an issue :)

Again it’s all about what works for you!

But I’m Single!

Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you can’t do a boudoir session! In fact, at least every month about 30% of my clients are single and doing the session just for themselves. In my opinion, it’s almost more of a reason to do a session because you are doing it solely for YOU!

Even the women I work with who initially contact me to gift the images to a partner, quickly come to the realization that this is much more a gift to themselves than anyone else. I mean name one thing that will make you feel sexier in your skin then seeing these images of yourself? I bet you can’t! It will completely change the way you view your body, which is what boudoir is all about.

I will once…

You may be feeling a little down on yourself right now. Your body isn’t where you want it to be. You have a few more pounds to shed before you want to be caught in sexy lingerie. I get it. I have heard from countless women that they want to do a shoot, but only once XYZ happens. It’s okay to want to lose weight but it’s also okay to love your body just how you are, exactly at the moment you are reading this. Why put unfair pressure on yourself not be okay with yourself at this moment? Our bodies change, they fluctuate in weight, they change after giving birth, they change as we age. It’s okay to want to better yourself, but you can do so without bashing yourself for where you are now. And doing a boudoir session makes the journey of self-love and self-acceptance just that more fun!

So next time you are feeling like you want to book that session but you instantly close out of the page, ask yourself why. What’s holding you back from going through with it?