Why I Love Anese

I want to start by saying this isn’t sponsored in any way, but you all know when I find something that truly works I cannot keep quite about it! And so I have to share Anese with you all!

One thing I hear from every client as their session is starting is hesitation about the skin on their bum being photographed. Everyone who does a boudoir shoot wants the killer tushie shots, but understandably they are worried about the skin on their booty being photographed up close. I get it! The skin on the bum does not get a lot of TLC on a daily basis. We wear tight clothing and sit constantly, which leads to not letting the skin on our bums breathe properly. This can cause acne, skin irritation, and blemishes to occur. On top of that, most women have stretch marks and cellulite on their bums too. So it’s truly an area of the body where you may not feel keen to have a camera on! But thankfully you can kiss all those worries goodbye!

While I do edit all my boudoir work, I firmly believe that if you can find a real-life solution to benefit your daily life, that is even better. Enter Anese.

I started using their products a couple of months ago and have noticed a huge difference! I personally do not have much of an issue with acne on the bum, but I do have a fair amount of stretch marks, dryness, and cellulite. Since I started using the Anese booty scrub, mask, and oil, I have noticed a huge difference with the skin on my booty. It is much firmer, smoother, and plumper looking. Even my boyfriend has commented many times how much softer my skin feels!

If the skin on your booty has you wanting to hide from close up shots in your boudoir session or just from showing off your booty in general, give Anese a try! I think you will be very pleased with the results.

Oh, and side note, I also use their boob scrub + mask. Completely obsessed with those as well! These help with fighting acne, removing dirt and oil, irritation, and chafing caused by boob sweat. It also nourishes the skin, revealing perkier boobs. And bonus, it protects from sun damage!

If you have tried Anese yourself, leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Happy booty and booby masking!

xo, Annika

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