Why I Love Bridal Boudoir

One of the best things about planning a wedding is all the fun photoshoots you get to do! From engagement photos to the wedding photos, there are so many fun shoots to plan for. A lot of brides are now opting for a boudoir session as a surprise wedding gift for their forever partner, another fun reason for a photoshoot. I love when brides decide to do a boudoir session because it’s a perfect way to try out that hair and makeup look you were thinking of or break in those wedding heels. Not to mention, it’s an oh so sexy gift that your groom is going to love!

Most of the time, you have to schedule trials for your hair and makeup to nail down a look that you want on the day of your wedding. I have a few clients that have actually scheduled their trials the same day as their boudoir session or will have my makeup artist try out an eye look that they have been thinking of. If you are already getting your hair and makeup done, why not make it work for more than just a trial, right?!  

It’s All About You!

As much as it is for your partner, it’s for you too! The day itself is all about you. The session is customized for your style and the theme you are going for. The photos are meant to show off and capture your beauty! So many of my clients are nervous before their session, which is completely nervous. By the time the shoot is over, they are feeling more confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Some of the best shots I get are towards the end of the session, when you are feeling your very best.

Something Special 


I love when brides bring in something from their big day. Whether it is their wedding night lingerie, their wedding shoes or their veil, capturing the bride to be in that wedding piece is so special. It’s another great way to get more use of the items that you’ll only wear for only a few hours on your big day.

Forever Keepsake

Just like your wedding photos, your boudoir photos will last a lifetime. Not only will your partner love them, but you get to look back on this day for years to come. Boudoir photos are much more intimate than your wedding photos so it’s just another great capture. 

If you are newly engaged or just want to surprise your partner on your big day, boudoir is a great gift idea. It’s something that is unexpected but can be so personal and intimate. I love seeing what my future brides come up with bring to their session. It’s a fun way to add personality to a shoot.