Mistakes You're Making Before Your Boudoir Session

Prepping for a boudoir session may seem stressful but I promise it is not as scary as it may seem. My number one goal is to ensure that you are feeling your absolute best on the day of! Here are a few mistakes you may be making before your session. 

Not Sleeping Enough

Not only will you feel exhausted but you may look exhausted as well. Getting a full rest the nights leading up to your shoot will ensure that you feel your very best when you walk into the studio. When you are asleep, your body will start to repair itself but if you are not sleeping, you are doing more damage than good. It will enhance dark circles and fine lines if you are exhausted. A good nights sleep will brighten your complexion and reduce puffy eyes. You’ll have more fun and feel more rested for your session! 

Not Eating


A common misconception is that if you don’t eat you will look thinner the day of your session. I know  a lot of ladies think that this will work but I promise that is just not the case. Not eating will leave you feeling moody and exhausted. You don’t want to feel terrible the day of your session and not your absolutely best. Sometimes, not eating will make you feel sick and your body will actually hold onto everything and leave you feeling a little bloated. If you’re worried about what to eat, stick to a healthy diet the days leading up to it and fill your plate with fruits veggies and lean proteins. 

Not Drinking Water

Being dehydrated is similar to not sleeping enough. It wreaks havoc on your skin! It will be appear heavy, dry, and your fine lines will be more apparent. Drinking the right amount of water will not only help you feel better, make you feel less bloated, but will also leave your skin looking beautiful and glowing. Be sure to drink plenty of water every single day, especially the week of your boudoir shoot! 

Spray Tans

Unless you get them regularly, I don’t recommend getting a spray tan leading up to your session. The camera lens sees colors differently than your eyes. The spray tan color never looks the same on camera and unfortunately can make you look a little orange. It will make your dry parts of your body look even drier. That orange color can be hard to edit to look like a normal skin color so I recommend rocking your everyday skin color. Moisturize your skin the days leading up to your session so that it will look glowy and moisturized for your session. I will also add a light tan to your skin during the editing process.  

These are a few of the mistakes that are easy to make before your session. Boudoir is all about celebrating the skin that you are in so I want to ensure that you feel your very best the day of your session! If you ever have any questions leading up to your session, be sure to email me!