Ms. B's Boudoir Experience

Ms. B. came to me wanting to do a session for her 35th birthday present. Boudoir is one of the best presents you can give to yourself. The whole experience is all about pampering yourself and truly loving the skin you are in. Ms. B. came in to her session a little nervous, which is completely normal. The more photos I took, the more comfortable she got in front of the camera. As you can see from her photos, she completely rocked her shoot!

Tell me about the lingerie shopping process, was it hard, was it fun? Where did you go? 

For the most part I found pieces online (Thistle & Spire and blush lingerie – using the guidance from the Pinterest board and our consultation meeting), but another big inspiration for me was Forty Winks in Harvard Square.  There I was able to talk to two sale associates who helped pick out pieces that would look best on my body time.  In fact, I have already been back once to pick up additional items for my personal use!  I could not speak more highly of the level of customer service and variety of options at that store!

How were you feeling before you entered the studio/shooting location for the first time, nervous, excited, etc?

The reason I decided to this shot was to help boost my confidence / lower my insecurities about my body – so needless to say I was extremely nervous on that walk up the steps to the studio.  I decided to do this shoot for my 35th birthday – not for someone else, but for me.  Before doing the shoot, I wasn’t even going to show the images to anyone, it was going to be a gift just for me.  I was a mix of emotions that day – nervous, scared, excited and happy it was almost over. 

What was your favorite lingerie look? Was it one you expected, or were you surprised by the piece that ended up being your favorite? 

I think my favorite look was either the bodysuit or the black bra / high waist black panties. 

What inspired you to choose your makeup look? 

I was inspired by looking at images on your Instagram, plus the images you pinned on my Pinterest board. 

How did you feel leaving your boudoir session? Excited, empowered, sexy?  

I was a mixture of emotions (just like how I was coming into the suit).  I felt excited to see the final result. Confident that I was able to complete it.  And I felt empowered that I did the shoot and wanted to share my experience with my friends. 

What was your first thought when seeing how you looked in your photos? Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since doing the shoot?

I was very nervous to see the photos.  I brought a friend who expressed interest in doing her own photo shoot and was even more nervous – she is a close friend and I knew she would be open and honest with me, but having someone else see you in such raw, vulnerable positions is scary!  But as I saw the images, and heard her and Annika’s reactions, I felt much more comfortable and confident.  I was blown away by the images and cannot wait to see the final products! 

I have noticed a shift in my attitude towards my body and my confidence level.  While my body isn’t perfect, I have noticed that I do have good features and I can keep working on those areas that I’m not as happy with.  But ultimately, it’s my body and I should be proud of it.  The last two years have been hard for me – between toxic relationships, a disheartening work environment and just not loving my body, I was in a very bad place.  The first step was to find a new job – which I did in November and was the best decision I have made in years.  The next step was to love me for me.  This experience with Annika was an important first step in that.  One that I can’t recommend enough to other women.  

I think something that is key to mention is my friend’s reaction after seeing the photos.  She always loved boudoir images, but thought it wasn’t something for her.  She did mention that after seeing my images it would be something she would consider – she was so used to seeing “traditional hot women” and it was transformative to see someone relatable in these images.  It is all about loving your own body, your own curves, your own self. 

Would you do another session?

Yes!  100% would do again.