Ms. R's Boudoir Experience

Ms. R. decided to a session as a surprise gift to her future hubby. She branched out of her comfort zone when it came to lingerie and I am so glad that she did! Each piece that she picked out looked like it was made for her and fit her perfectly. I can only imagine that her groom’s jaw will DROP when he sees these images!

Tell me about the lingerie shopping process, was it hard, was it fun? Where did you go?

I shopped online at Yandy and it was my first lingerie experience and I was so surprised at how comfortable everything was and how much I liked wearing it! I ended up ordering a second batch of things for the honeymoon!

How were you feeling before you entered the studio/shooting location for the first time, nervous, excited, etc?

I was a little nervous but I was also just excited with my new found love for lingerie to get in there and go for it! It was a nice change from my usual nursing scrubs!

What was your favorite lingerie look? Was it one you expected, or were you surprised by the piece that ended up being your favorite?

For the shoot, I used two pieces with garter and socks which came out nice and I loved the pictures I took with just a baseball jersey as well. Side note though, I grabbed a few teddies to try when I ordered for honeymoon and at home and have a new love for them..

What inspired you to choose your makeup look?
I did my own makeup just because I wanted to keep it light and natural and didn't want him to get pictures of me looking too different than usual. I think if I had done the shoot for something other than my gift to my groom, I would've went all out! Would have been fun!

How did you feel leaving your boudoir session? Excited, empowered, sexy?
Empowered is a great word! I couldn't believe how well it had gone! I didn't know I had it in me.

What was your first thought when seeing how you looked in your photos? Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since doing the shoot?

Yes! Definitely less harsh on myself. Especially pre-wedding when you think you have to eat well and get into perfect shape, it was nice to see that just me the way I am was actually enough!

If you did the session as a gift for someone, is/was it hard keeping it a secret? How are you planning on presenting the gift to your sweetie?

He still doesn't know I think! He will get it on our wedding day in a month!

Would you do another session?

If I could think of a reason down the line YES in a heart beat!

If you had to choose your favorite image or series of photos, which would it be?

I really liked the ones I did with the baseball jersey because I know he will smile seeing that I put his name on the back and will get a kick out of them, especially since I am laughing in some.