Your Boudoir Questions Answered - Part 2

Boudoir is such an intimate experience and there are so many feelings and questions that come up during the process. I want to be able to clear up all of your questions for you, whether you have already booked a session or maybe you are thinking about doing one. Here is part 2 of some of the most popular questions I get asked!

Do I Have To Be A Certain Size?

NO! Every body is beautiful and there is no size or age limit in Boudoir or Dudoir. It’s all about loving the skin you are in, no matter what! If you are a little self conscious about certain parts of your body - do not worry! This is something we can talk about and use different poses to show off the parts of your body you absolutely love while concealing other parts. You can even use different accessories like robes or blankets to really show off the parts of your body you love!

Will My Photos Be Posted?


Only with your permission! Every client gets the opportunity to sign a model release. If you choose to sign it and give me permission to use your images on my portfolio and social media, they may be posted from time to time. If you opt to not give me permission, your images will remain private! Every clients photos gets deleted 2 months after the products you ordered are delivered - of course, I check in again before permanently deleting them!

Where Will My Photos Be Taken?

I have a studio in Brighton where most of my sessions take place. If you follow me on Instagram, it’s where most of those images have been shot. If you prefer to choose a different location (like the loft space, your home, etc,) it’s something we can definitely talk about during your consultation. 

How Long Does It Take To Get The Photos?

Every photographer has a different turn around time so it’s important to check with them about their process. I personally like to do the initial edits within 7 to 10 days of your session. From there, we have a sit down and go over your images during your purchasing session. Once your products are chosen and paid for, I start editing the rest of the images and send it off to print. Every product has a different turnaround time that we can talk about during your purchasing session. 

How Do I Order Products?

We will have either a sit down meeting or a Skype session for your purchasing session. This is the time where you get to see the products in person, see your images and decide what products will be perfect for your budget. If you want to order more products after the purchasing session, that is always an option as well. Just email me and we can set up a time to discuss what extra products you want. 

If you have any other burning questions, be sure to comment down below or email me at so I can answer them for you!