Mrs. L's Boudoir Experience

Mrs. L came to me for her second boudoir session. She wanted to go with a completely different look this time around. She chose to go with a white sheet session and it came out absolutely incredible. These are one of my favorite types of session to capture because it really is all about you and there is no lingerie to get in the way. She completely rocked her session and as you can tell from her photos, she is drop dead gorgeous! I am sure her fiance loved the images just as much as she did!

Tell me about the lingerie shopping process, was it hard, was it fun? Where did you go? 

This was a naked shoot with just a white sheet so no lingerie involved which made the entire experience easier than the first one!

How were you feeling before you entered the studio/shooting location for the first time, nervous, excited, etc? 

This was my second shot and I might say, it was exciting. I got very comfortable after the first shoot. I also flew out to Bali and had a photoshoot there and what I realized is that this is all fun! Just have fun! That said, I wasn't nervous, I was excited and I couldn't wait to see how the photos turned out. 

What was your favorite lingerie look? Was it one you expected, or were you surprised by the piece that ended up being your favorite? 

I loved all the shots and was surprised how my beauty was captured through the lens. 

What inspired you to choose your makeup look? 

I did a very basic look, natural makeup and very minimal. To me, the nakedness means don't cake it on. 

How did you feel leaving your boudoir session? Excited, empowered, sexy?  

I felt super sexy and walked out embodying the Goddess in me. 

What was your first thought when seeing how you looked in your photos? Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since doing the shoot? 

I was surprised at how beautiful I am naked. I loved what I saw and wish all women can do this, or better yet, I wish that all women see the value in doing something like this. 

If you did the session as a gift for someone, is/was it hard keeping it a secret? How are you planning on presenting the gift to your sweetie? 

I did it for myself and a little bit for my sweetie. My partner is so amazing, he's the best fit for me and I thought this would be a very nice gift for him for when we got engaged. 

Would you do another session? 

I hope to do one a year for the rest of my life. 

If you had to choose your favorite image or series of photos, which would it be? 

The one with me laughing. I always want to look back at how much fun my life is.