Your Boudoir Questions Answered

Boudoir is such an intimate experience and there are so many feelings and questions that come up during the process. I want to be able to clear up all of your questions for you, whether you have already booked a session, or maybe still thinking about doing one in the future.

So here they are - some of the most popular questions I get asked! 

Do I Have To Be Naked?!

No! You absolutely only do nude looks if you want, but it is not at all necessary. We can do any look you want, from lingerie to a t-shirt and shorts. There are so many creative ways that you can get a sexy shot with different accessories and clothing pieces. If you want to do implied nudes, we can use a sheet or cover parts of the body with the hands to give off that same look.

How Do I Pose?! 

Posing may seem so scary if you are not a professional model. But good news! You definitely don’t need to know anything about posing to do boudoir a shoot. I will guide you through absolutely everything so there is nothing to worry about. From where to put your hands, to your facial express, I will walk you through it all. If you have any poses that you absolutely love, be sure to let me know! This session is all about YOU so I want to make sure you get the poses that are your absolute favorite. Promise, I will never leave you hanging in front of the camera! 

Do You Provide Outfits? 

No, it is up to you to bring your own lingerie pieces. During our consultation call, we will talk about all things lingerie. From the different pieces that I recommend, to your favorite style. After that call, I will put together a custom Pinterest board for you that is shopable. It’s an easy way to try out new lingerie ideas and get an idea of what you want to bring with you. I don’t provide you with lingerie but I’ll be there every step of the way so you will never feel alone in the process. 

What Happens To My Photos After? 

If you sign a release, they could be shared on social media or my website for portfolio purposes. If you did not give me permission to share, your images stay private.

If you have any other burning questions, be sure to comment down below or email me at so I can answer them for you! 

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