Mrs. W's Boudoir Experience

Mrs. W. came to me wanting to do something special for her husband. Their wedding anniversary was coming up and she wanted something that would make his jaw drop. She came to the session a little nervous but the more we got to chatting the more excited she got….read more about her experience below :)


Tell me about the lingerie shopping process, was it hard, was it fun? Where did you go?

Yandy was my website of choice. It was difficult for me at first because I didn’t know what would look good on me, and Yandy’s huge selection was overwhelming. But once I got my Pinterest board I was able to find some great pieces that looked amazing.

How were you feeling before you entered the studio/shooting location for the first time, nervous, excited, etc?

I thought I would be nervous during the shoot, but oddly, I wasn’t. I loved chatting during hair and make-up and I think that is what put me at ease.


What was your favorite lingerie look? Was it one you expected, or were you surprised by the piece that ended up being your favorite?

Definitely not the one I expected...originally I loved the blue chemise I chose, but ultimately my absolute favorite was the two piece black lace bralette and skirt.

How did you feel leaving your boudoir session? Excited, empowered, sexy?

Very excited and more sexy than I have ever felt before.

What was your first thought when seeing how you looked in your photos? Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since doing the shoot?

Wow! I truly lost words. I couldn’t believe the person in the photo was me.

If you did the session as a gift for someone, is/was it hard keeping it a secret? How are you planning on presenting the gift to your sweetie?

It’s for my husband for our wedding anniversary. He doesn’t know about it yet, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hold onto it once I get it.

Would you do another session?