Confidence Hacks?! Yes Please!

As women, we know all too well that we are always our own worst critics. But doing a shoot is a time to be positive, love yourself, and see yourself in a completely new light!

Therefore I wanted to put together a list of some confidence hacks to help you build confidence and really own your session! Read them, memorize them, and most importantly of all PRACTICE them!

Cut Critical Self Talk

We are all guilty of talking negative to ourselves. Unfortunately, negative talk does more damage than we think. When you say the same things over and over to yourself, your brain starts to believe it. So instead of saying that you need to lose weight or comparing yourself to someone else, try replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Reinforcing yourself every day with positive thoughts will help you gain confidence over time. Start with something as small as naming one thing you like about yourself. Then try building on that one thing little by little every day.

Know Your Why

Anytime you start getting nervous about your shoot approaching, go back to the reason why you booked the session. I’m sure you didn’t do it to play the comparison game or feel worse about yourself! Really think back to why you wanted to do a boudoir shoot - what it is that you want to build on. Is it self love? Is it to feel sexy? Is it to have a day to be pampered and take a moment for yourself? Whether the session will be a gift for yourself, for your partner, or just for fun - remember your true reason for doing a boudoir session!


If you are really nervous, don’t be afraid to tell me! I always take some time at the beginning of the session to sit down and chat with you. I want you to feel comfortable with me! I have been shooting boudoir for 10 years, so I have plenty of experience dealing with any pre-shoot nerves!

Be Present

Don’t worry about trying to get the perfect pose or the perfect photos. That is what I am here for! Don’t practice poses beforehand or wrack your brain on what looks you should or shouldn’t do. Just be present in the session and have some fun! This session is all about you, I don’t want you to worry about what you need to do. I will walk you through absolutely everything, from posing to making you laugh naturally.  

These are just a few of my confidence hacks. It’s important to have a few of these in your back pocket so that when you realize you are a little nervous, you can do something about it. But most importantly of all, just enjoy the process! Nerves are part of the boudoir experience, so embrace everything you feel as part of the journey :)