Tips For Feeling Sexy

Everyone has those days when you just don’t feel that great in your own skin! I believe that everyone should feel sexy all the time! 

I believe that sexy is not how our body looks but more of a state of mind. When we feel sexy, we are sexy! You deserve to feel that way no matter what. 

Accept yourself 

We all have things that we want to change about ourselves, me included. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve and better ourself but it’s important to accept yourself in this very moment. Regardless of your shape or size, it’s important to acknowledge where you are and accept it what you love about yourself and want you want to improve.

Try not to focus on what you want to change but what you don’t want to change about yourself. What do your love about yourself? Forget about the hangups and the pounds you want to love but focus on what you love the most. We always ted to focus on the things that we are unhappy with the most. This can really mess with your head and make us look at the negatives before the positives. 

Comfort Zone

We tend to always stay in our comfort zone when it comes to our life and our relationships. The best way to feel sexy is to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself! It’s great to feel comfortable but chances are you are not feeling your absolute best! It’s important to treat yourself and really step outside of your comfort zone. Whether it is spending extra time with your partner and doing things you don’t normally do, changing up your hair or just going on a solo adventure. Don’t be afraid to do something that you don’t feel 100% comfortable doing, that’s okay. The more things that you do that make you step up and face some of your fears, the better you will feel about yourself. 


When we are in long term relationships, sometimes we get a little bit too comfortable, ie the comfort zone. Whether you are married or in a relationship, don’t be afraid to flirt with you partner! We usually stop flirting after we’ve been with someone for awhile but it’s the one thing that can really make us feel sexy. Whether it is just a flirty text or flirting while you are on a date, don’t be afraid to flirt with your partner! 

Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes, all you need is to put on your sexiest bra and panty set under your jeans and t-shirt to feel amazing! Anytime I am feeling down, I love picking out my favorite set and wearing it throughout the day. It’s something that is so easy to do and it is just for me. The best part? No one knows what you are wearing, they just see how confident you are!

Comparing Yourself To Others


With social media being so accessible these days, it can be really difficult to go throughout the day feeling 100% confident. It’s easy to compare yourself to everyone’s highlight reel and get down on yourself. Whether it is someones look or their job or just their overall life, it can be hard to not be a little bit jealous when you see everything posted online. Social media is an amazing tool to connect with so many people but it can be really hard on us too. If you find yourself comparing yourself online, exit out and give yourself some time off of social media. 

Positive Affirmations 

Social media and comparing ourselves to others constantly can get into our heads. We have to turn that negative thinking around by telling ourselves positive affirmations. I’ve heard of so many different ways to do this. Whether you want to write the on a sticky and stick them to your mirror, write the in a journal, or just say then to yourself every morning - it can really make a difference! Just by telling yourself positive affirmations everyday, you start to really believe them just after a few times. We are all sexy in our own way but sometimes we just lose that confidence when we are constantly being compared to others. 

Pamper Yourself

Every now and then when I am not quite feeling my best, I like to pamper myself to something that I don’t normally do. Whether that is a mani or a pedi, a massage or even just the yoga class you have been eyeing, pick something that is out of the everyday schedule. It will feel a little extra special because it is not something that you do on the regular. In todays world, we are all so busy! Taking some time out of your busy schedule to just pamper yourself may seem like no big deal but I promise it will make you feel your best. Whether it is your job or your family, you are constantly on the go. Taking some time to just focus on you for a change will help you feel your very best.

Feeling sexy is something that I believe every woman and man should feel, no matter the size or shape! We are all so beautiful in our way but sometimes we just need a little reminder. What do you do to make yourself feel sexy?! Comment down below.