The Right Lingerie For YOU

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You know there’s tons and tons of lingerie styles out there, but ever wonder which are actually right for you?!

I hear ya. I get the struggle of seeing someone else pull off something that you feel less than in. But before getting frustrated and throwing in the towel, I think it’s important to know whats right for your body and what isn’t. After all, that will be the key factor in how amazing you feel in the lingerie you’re wearing!

Not everything looks the same on everyone, and that is okay! You shouldn’t just follow what is in “style” at the moment without knowing if it will work for your body type or not. So if you have a boudoir session coming up or just want to update your lingerie drawer, this blog post is for you! 

Rectangle Or Athletic

Most athletic figures can be defined as a rectangle body type, meaning you will want something that really accentuates your curves. Corsets are great because it will cinch in at the waist giving you a little bit of added curves. If you have a long torso, a garter belt or a teddy will also look great! You may want to gravitate towards padded bras but I promise there are other options out there! Skip the padding and grab styles that have more details to it. Whether it be cut-outs or strappy details, it’s a great way to mimic more curves. This strappy teddy from Thistle and Spire is perfect for boudoir but also pairing with jeans for a night out.

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If you’re a petite lady, lingerie with cut-outs, plunging necklines, and high cut legs are great for making you look a bit more taller. The high cut styles will help elongate your legs! A teddy is a great option because you can usually find teddies that have high cuts and show off a little bit more skin. I personally love this teddy from Thistle and Spire. it has high cut legs and see-through details to give you that extra touch of sexy.

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If you have more of an apple shape, you may want pieces that have a bit more coverage and support. That doesn’t mean you have to skip the sexy tho! High waisted panties and a Demi bra are perfect for accentuating those curves in all the right places. Sexy chemises and teddies are always a great option because you can cover parts of your body while showing off other parts that you love. I adore these high waisted panties from Journelle, it has a cut out in the back which makes for some fun photos!

Hourglass shapes will want something that will accentuate your waist. One piece of lingerie that I love to recommend for hourglass shapes is a set with a garter belt. The garter belt is not only super sexy but it will emphasize your waistline. Make sure you find something that naturally hits at your waist, not the hip. Garter belts are also great for ladies who want to draw attention to their legs. There are so many different options out there but I am loving this set from Forty Winks!

Pear Or Triangle 
When you are a pear shape, your body is smaller on top. You want something that will draw the eye from top to bottom. A plunging neckline is perfect for pear shapes or something with a strong graphic print, as this will help eyes move from top to bottom. This teddy from Forty Winks has a plunging necklace but beautiful lace details to give it that romantic feel.

A bustier or corset is another great option because it will draw attention to your breasts and will help balance your body to make it look more proportionate. I love this zipper corset from Frederick's because the shape of it gives a nice lift and the zipper in the front lets you decide how much cleavage to show!


Don’t let the idea of shopping for lingerie overwhelm you! Be sure to try on multiple pieces to find the right type and fit for you. Sometimes, things look different on the hanger so don’t let that intimidate you! I hope this little guide helps you in finding something that you feel absolutely stunning in.

xo, Annika