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Struggling to get your boudoir business off the ground? Do you get stuck on, or nervous about, posing your clients in the most flattering way? Or what about dressing them?

I get it. I’ve been there. I started my studio when I was 20 and had to learn everything the hard way. I’ve made many mistakes, but I am here to help you NEVER have to go through them! I want to share my wisdom and give you the knowledge and motivation to do more!

I know what it takes to make this your full time job, to make clients feel comfortable, get breathtaking images, and be paid your worth. And I can help you too.

I am proof that there is a way to run an intimate boudoir business, by yourself, while making six figures...and oh yes taking time off to travel, or just sit on the couch! So let's begin! 

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Who doesn't love that?! And if it helps your business do better than that's a win-win in my book. So if you want to take the first step, subscribe below. This will give you send you an email to my number 1 tip on getting clients to relax in front of the camera in under 5 minutes, all while still getting amazing shots! Time is valuable my friends, and if you aren't taking shots that are going to sell, then what's the point? So enter your email below to get this awesome tip, plus keep an eye on all the other goodies making their way to your inbox!


Let the learning begin…

Find weekly helpful tips + topics covered to get your business off the ground.

Plus feel free to comment on topics you would like to see more of!

My sister (who is an amazing travel and wildlife photographer) and I teamed up to make some incredible presets! The Beauty presets are specific to boudoir photography, while the Vibes presets are perfect for travel and lifestyle images!

We made them extra affordable so you have nothing holding you back from creating stunning images :)

This is for anyone who is serious about making a career out of boudoir. Talk to me for an hour and ask me any questions you have - such as pricing, products, newsletters, sales, posing, communication, editing, etc. We’ll get to the bottom of your issues and tackle it all together. $300.


Photographer Spotlight - Micheal Sasser

Watch me be nervous in front of the camera, while I dish about my business secrets, being a perfectionist, and making it in a conservative market.