Easy Marketing Hacks For Your Boudoir Studio

By nature, boudoir is one of the most revealing types of photography. It can be hard to find ways to market you studio to the public because the images are so intimate. Not every client will allow you to share their images so choosing the perfect photo to display can be a bit tricky. Here are a few easy tips that will help you market your studio in no time. 

Model Sessions

If you are having trouble finding the right image for an advertisement, display, etc. Sometimes, it is best to use model sessions for anything new that you want to try. This way if you want to go for a specific themed session or get in a few shots that are more on the tame side, you know you can do that and share those photos for future marketing purposes. 

If you are a newer business, offering discounted, free or even model sessions are great for boosting your portfolio. Treat those sessions just like you would treat regular client sessions. It allows you to feel more confident as a photographer the more that you do but you'll also be able to work through and work out any issues you may encounter along the way. 

Email List


One thing that a lot of photographers forget about is their email list! It's a no brainer! These are people who may have been past clients, current clients or potential clients. They have been interested in booking with you at one point in time and now you get to share all your goodies with them. From sales to product promotions, you get to stay in touch with them as often as you'd like. 


Networking may sound a list scary but it's so incredibly worth it! Not only will you be able to make new friends in the industry but you never know how these new connections can help you later down the road, and vice versa. If your clientele consists mainly of newly engaged brides, it's important to reach out to a lot of wedding vendors. From wedding photographers to wedding planners, it's a good idea to have those connections because they are dealing with brides all the time. You may even be able to collaborate on special projects with these vendors at a later date. 

These are just a few simple tips to help you market your business. There are so many other ways out there so try to pick a few that work best for your brand, your free time, and your budget.