Should You Be Blogging?

As a photographer, your main focus is on your clients and their boudoir sessions. From planning out their sessions to editing, your schedule can be surprisingly full all the time. Keeping your schedule consistent and busy is important. When it comes to marketing your brand, a lot of photographers forget about blogging. Blogging is a fantastic way to market your brand but it can be time consuming. I always recommend having a blog because it’s a great way to not only educate your clients but also gain a new following as well. You may not think that you have a lot to talk about as a boudoir photographer but I promise you have plenty of topics to write about! Think about all of the questions that you get asked regularly by clients. If one client is wondering there is a good chance there are other clients wondering the same thing.  Here are a few ways to battle the question if you should be blogging or not.

Finding Time

For most photographers, free time is hard to come by. From shooting to client meetings to editing, your schedule is jam packed. You may find that scheduling in some time to write will end up on the end of your to do list, day after day. I totally get it! Finding time can be one of the hardest things to do. Starting is the hardest part, once you start it will get easier. Look at your schedule and see if you can find a few hours a week or even a month, to dedicate to your blog. I recommend batch working your blogs instead of trying to schedule it in each week. If you are really busy, don’t feel like you have to be hitting publish every day. You can start with blogging once a week or even once a month if that works better for you. Stay consistent with your schedule. You can always add extra blog posts later.

Whether you want to dedicate a whole day or just a few hours, try to batch as many blog posts as you can during the time. If you can get a few blog posts completed, you now have a few weeks worth of content. Most websites will allow you to schedule your blog posts in advance so you don’t even have to worry about publishing it on the day it’s supposed to go live.

Creating Content

Creating content can be tricky when you aren’t really sure what to write about. I hear so many boudoir photographers say that they have absolutely nothing to talk about on their blog. I promise you, you have more ideas in your head than you may know! Think about all of your client meetings and sessions. Are your clients asking you similar questions over and over again? These are great topics to start with! If you get asked often about hair and makeup, maybe talk about different styles that work best in front of the camera.

You can use your blog not only to display your sessions but help give your clients more information about boudoir. Whether you want to talk about what a session is like with you or about your editing process, there are so many topics that you may be missing out on. Use your blog to answer those questions! If a client asks you for ideas of what to wear, you can always direct them to some of your blog posts that go further in depth about what to wear to a session. You don’t have to write the blog post once and forget about it, you can share it over and over again! 

Promote Your Sessions

A great way to easily come up with content for your blog is to highlight your past and present clients. It’s a great way to show a different side of your portfolio because you can tell their story about their why behind the session, with permission of course! Everyone has a different style so it’s the perfect way to show off different boudoir themes and poses. If you have been doing model sessions, your blog is a great way to showcase those sessions too! Most potential clients will check out your portfolio but your portfolio is not filled with everything. Being able to see real women and hear their stories may inspire them enough to book that session with you.

Ultimately, having a blog is up to you. If it’s something that you just don’t think you can keep up with, that’s okay! Put your extra energy into something else, like your social media accounts. But, it’s an awesome way to get your website out there and not to mention, great for your SEO. I highly recommend considering a blog as part of your marketing strategy.