4 Ways To Thank Your Clients After A Session

When you have a busy schedule full of clients, it can be hard to add in those extra special touches here and there. But, one thing I swear by is going the extra mile to show your clients that you appreciate them picking you as their photographer.  It's a good practice to get into because those extra touches will encourage them to choose you again and again or tell their friends about you. Here are 4 simple ways to thank your clients for choosing to have a boudoir session with you.

Handwritten Thank You Note


With everything being online now, it's rare that you actually get a handwritten note in the mail anymore. One of my favorite little touches take my business above and beyond is to write thank you notes to my clients. It may seem out of date but your clients will really appreciate the time you took to handwrite them a note. It also gives them a little reminder and keeps you on their mind after their session.

Anniversary Specials

When it comes to boudoir, you may see a lot of brides booking around wedding season. Keep note of when their wedding date is and send them a special note with a deal for their first anniversary. Remembering when their wedding day will remind them how great you are with the small details and another boudoir session is a great anniversary gift for their special someone. 

Rewards For Referrals

One of the biggest compliments you can get is a referral. When someone takes the time to tell their friends about you, it means that really like you and the service that you provided. Giving your clients a special little gift or reward for referral will entice your past clients to tell their friends about you. Let them during your time working together so that they know about your referral program. 

Special Deals 

If you don't have a newsletter list, I highly recommend starting one! It's a great way to get past, present, and potential clients up to speed on what's going on in your studio. You can offer special deals to your newsletter list and the people that follow you on social media. This will entice clients that have been thinking about it to bite the bullet and book a session with you.

It's important to thank your clients for choosing you as their photographer. Your customer service and attention to small details will help make you stand out above other photographers. These are just a few simple ideas, be sure to pick something that works best for your brand and your budget.