Finding Your Next Blog Topic

Ever have those moments where you feel like you have absolutely nothing to write about? We've all be there, and most likely more than once. Once you start blogging for awhile, it seems like the list of ideas just keeps growing. As you get busier and busier and time goes by, you've run out of ideas and don't know what to publish next. If you are feeling like this, just know that you are not alone and the solution is usually a pretty quick fix. Sometimes, when we get busy and burnt out, we just don't feel as creative as we usually do. Here are a few quick tips for when you are feeling stuck on what to write next. 


Is your schedule jam packed with meetings this week? Good! Having conversations with the people that buy from you just may spark that idea that you need. Try to pick up on any questions that you find your clients are asking over and over again. If a few clients have already asked you, chances are you find that question being asked even more. it can make for the perfect blog post! 

Old Blog Posts


When I'm stuck on ideas, I love going through my old blog posts to see what I've already written. After doing a little digging, I've usually come up with a few new ideas that I want to start working on. It's the perfect way to see what you already have a lot of content on and what you may be lacking on a little bit. Are there any areas that you can dig a little deeper into? Check out the analytics for your favorite blogs and see which ones have done the best. Those topics might be the perfect place to expand on! 


One thing that most people overlook is the questions that have been asked on older blog posts or even on social media platforms! This is the perfect way to get ideas for your next blog post. I always like to think that if someone asked, chances are someone else is wondering the same thing. Once you have written that blog post, if someone asks again, you can always direct them to your new blog post! It's a win win situation for everyone. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to see what others are talking about and what questions they may have about specific topics. Just keep in mind, you may not find something that you are looking for! If you are in a boudoir photographer group, you may not see anything that your clients are asking but maybe what another photographers clients are asking. It's a great way to see what topics you may need to cover with your own clients! 

These are just a few simple ways to come up with your next blog post. When you find yourself coming up with a lot of ideas, try to keep those ideas in a list somewhere that you can look back at it. That way if you ever feel stuck again, you will have a running list you can refer to. Happy writing!