What To Do When You’re Too Expensive For Clients

No matter what your prices are, from time to time you will probably get the dreaded answer of “I can’t afford it.” It can be discouraging sometimes but just know that you are not alone. No matter what services you are offering, you’re probably going to get that answer at least one in your career!  Even if you are just starting out and you feel lie you have pretty good prices, don’t let that answer make you second guess everything. We’ve all felt like we’ve been offering services that are too high by the way our potential clients answer. One thing that I have learned to do over the years is to really focus on what I can offer my clients and why that price is worth it. How can I make their experience worth that? 


Focus on all the benefits that your clients are getting out of their session. If your prices are on the higher side, think about the different ways that you can make your experience a bit more high end for your clients if you are leaning towards the higher side. Are they getting their hair and makeup included? Are you offering free outfit options or at least offering lingerie suggestions? Try to take the price out of it when you are thinking about your sessions and think more of the experience. See if you can make the client’s experience well worth the price. 

Payment Plans


One way to be able to offer your sessions to someone who can’t afford it in one lump sum, you can offer payment plans! This is something that not all photographers do so I encourage you to really think it through! If you are going to be offering payment plans, figure out if you will offer it for just your products, your session fees or both. I also recommend creating a few hard rules around your payment plans. Will you let clients finish paying off their invoices after the session or would you prefer everything be paid in full before they show up for their session? These are all things that you should have figured out being offering payment plans to people. 

Stay In Touch

Keep your potential clients informed. Not everyone can afford you and that is absolutely okay. Everyone’s situations change over time. They may not be able to afford you now but will be able to in a few years. If they really want to do a session, tell them to stay up to date on you and your specials by signing up for your newsletter. If you offer sales and themed sessions for a discount, maybe that could work for them. Treat everyone like a potential client. Even if someone says they can’t afford you now doesn’t mean that they won’t come back to you for a session in the future. 

As you get more and more clients, you will notice that you are not for everyone. Think about your dream client and how you can your name and work in front of them more!