Accomplish More in Less Time

Getting more clients is awesome! Getting more clients on your calendar means that your business is growing but so is your to do list. While it is exciting to have more going on it can also be a little overwhelming at the same time. Not only do you have more sessions but your number of meetings will increase and you may even have more phone calls leaving you with less time to actually do the work. From editing to writing your newsletter to even paying your bills, more clients usually leaves you with less time to do all the things.

When you start getting busier it’s important to really sit down and look at your process. How can you accomplish more in less time? This may mean streamlining a few of your processes and maybe even hiring someone. Here are a few different tips to help you accomplish more in your work day. 

Self Assess Your Business

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Set aside a good amount of time to really look at your day is running. Do you find yourself scrolling through social media while you are tryin to edit? Are you wasting a lot of time in traffic driving to meetings? Self assess your business and where you are spending most of your time. Think about different ways you can cut down on wasting time doing meaningless tasks. This may be setting a timer for yourself while editing and scheduling in those social media scrolls. It may even mean scheduling all of your meetings at the same coffee shop in one day so that you can work on some different tasks like your newsletter or social media in between client meetings. 


Is there anything in your business that you can automate? Think about the different tasks that you do throughout the day. From your newsletter, to your social media to even sending out emails, these are all things that you can set up to be automated. It may take you a little bit of time in the beginning to set up everything and you will have to set aside time each week or every month to work on it but it will take time out of your day to day life. If you schedule your social media posts to automatically post for a month, you will be able to dedicate the time you are actually on social media to just engage! It will end up clearing up some time that you find yourself getting distracted when you switch to these tasks. 


Sometimes, the best way to clear up your schedule is to have someone else do some tasks from you! Outsourcing can be a great way to get some time back in your day. Whether you want to hire an assistant or outsource to a freelancer or company, there are so many different things you can outsource! You can hire someone to work on your social media, work on your inbox or even create newsletters and blogs for you. 

If you are going to outsource any tasks, be sure to research different assistants and different companies and make sure that they are the right person for the job. It can be hard to give up tasks that are so personal to you so be sure that they are the perfect fit for you. 

Growing your business is exciting! Being busier is not a bad thing but it can definitely make your schedule pretty hectic. Take some time to sit down and look at your schedule. Whether it is incorporating batch working, automation or even outsourcing, think about the different things that you can do to help you squeeze a little bit more into your schedule.