Popular Questions I Get Asked By Clients

If you have been shooting boudoir for a while, you probably get asked some of the same questions over and over again. I noticed that when I first started, there were a few particular topics that were always asked about. As I started to take on more clients, I decided to really focus on in what clients were nervous about and what they had questions about. 

I wanted to be able to talk about these things with them from the beginning of the process so that nothing would pop up later down the road. If you are just starting out, I wanted to share a few of the most popular asked questions that I get on a weekly basis. Think about these questions so that when you get asked, you will already have an answer! 

Why Am I So Nervous/Should I Be Nervous? 


Being nervous is totally normal! It’s not everyday that you strip down in front of a photographer. Even some of my clients that seem the most confident, come in the day of their session a little nervous. It’s important to come up with a way to help ease your clients nerves! Whether that is chatting with them before their session starts, offering champagne and treats, find something that works best for you! Not only will your clients appreciate it, but it will probably help ease your nerves too! By the time your session starts, you will know more about them and be able to take amazing shots of your client. 

Can I Bring My Boyfriend? 

I get asked a lot if they can bring a friend or their partner with them to their session. I personally opt for no friends or significant others on the day of their session. I have a small studio and want the whole space to use for shots. Some photographers allow their clients to bring someone with them! Decide on your policy before you even start shooting clients. It’s definitely a question you will get asked a lot so it’s important to know ahead of time. 

What Should I Wear? 

This is a popular question I get asked all the time! You should always recommend lingerie options to your clients that you know photograph well. Not everything looks the same in front of the camera so it’s important to give your clients a few ideas beforehand. Whether you want to email over some popular options, have a dedicated meeting to it, or even send over a Pinterest board - find a way that works best for you and your clients. 

Will My Photos Be Shared Online? 

Even though your clients are having a boudoir session, they may not want the world to see their images - and that is okay! I stress to my clients that their images will not be shared on social media, my website or even marketing materials unless they sign a photo release. Make up a photo release form that you can have clients sign when they are okay with their photos being shared. This will help you and your clients in the long run! 

These are just a few of my most popular questions that I get asked all the time. Be sure to comment below with the questions that you get asked often by clients! 

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