Building Your Email List

One of my favorite ways to market my business is by building my email list. Social media is so saturated these days and it can be hard to stand out. Your email list is completely different! You are able to get into people’s inboxes, which seems almost sacred these days. Because people are bombarded all the time by different social media accounts and sales tactics, it’s important to take your email list for granted. It’s a special invitation when people invite you into their inbox.

The best part about a newsletter? Your list is only yours and yours only! You can move platforms and take your list with you - you never lose it! Growing your newsletter will help you grow your business and share lots of goodies with your clients. Here are a few of my favorite tips to build your email list. 


A great way to entice people to join your list is by creating freebies that they will receive once they sign up. Whether you want to make it monthly, weekly or even a one time thing, make sure it is something that your potential clients and current clients will love. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it! Whether it is a cute printable quote clients can print out and frame or maybe even a lingerie guide, there are so many different options to create.  Think about what your clients will benefit from and start creating. 



Just like anything in life, you can not make a difference if you do not stay consistent! If you send out a newsletter once every few months when you say you will send it out every month, it makes you look like you can’t keep your word. It isn’t a good look to your clients. Be sure to show up for your clients when you say you will. You want to make sure your newsletter is reliable because it will make potential clients trust you more in the long run! 


Don’t just fill your newsletter with why people should hire you! Make your newsletter useful and packed full of content. No one likes to be sold to. Think about the different things that you talk about with your clients and what you can include in your newsletter to help future clients. 

Encourage Your Client’s To Share

Encourage your past and present clients to share your newsletter with others! Think about ways you can incorporate fun content into it even for clients that don’t know if they want to do boudoir yet. You could share lingerie trends or even awesome sales that are going on. Make it more open so that clients are more open to sharing it with their friends. By the time they are ready to do a boudoir shoot, they will already have a photographer that they know of and trust already. 

Share Your Clients

One thing I love to put into my newsletters each month is a sneak peek of my clients shoot, of course with their permission! Who doesn’t love to be a little famous?! It’s important to share your work not only to show of your past sessions, editing style and different shooting styles but to also help potential clients envision themselves in that session.

Just like anything else in your business, your newsletter list is yours to get creative with. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box with it and include some tips and tricks that other photographers do not!