Communication is Key

When it comes to clients, communication is key! The more you can chat with your clients and get to know them, their style and their fears, the better off you will be. They are paying you to deliver an amazing product. I find that the more I know them, the more I can deliver on my end. The more they can get to know me and my process, the more they will trust me along the way. Here are a few essential tips on communicating with your clients. 

Chat Before Booking


One of the most important things I have learned in my career is to have a chat with my clients before they decide on booking! Sometimes, clients are not 100% sure on what boudoir even is, so I don’t want them to sign up for something and then immediately regret their decision. Having a chat with them allows them to get to know you, your business, and your process. Sometimes, potential clients just aren’t quite the right fit and that is okay! You have a specific target audience for a reason. I have chats with potential clients all the time and not all of them book, don’t let that scare you! Sometimes, the session fees are higher than their budget and they’ll come back again when they are ready. Some are too nervous and for some, I’m just not the right photographer. Having a chat before anything is on the books is a great way to clear up any questions before they are locked into a session. 

Before the Shoot

I always like to chat again with my clients before their session. Once they have booked, there are a lot of decisions on their end that I don’t want them to feel like they have to make alone. From what to wear to hair and makeup, there are so many decisions to make. Sometimes, clients want my opinions along the way. I love having another chat with before their session just to make sure that all questions they have are answered. It’s also helpful on my end so that I know the right vibe and theme that they are going for. 

The Session Itself

The session itself is the fun part of the process! I want my clients to feel as confident and comfortable in front of the camera so I make sure we spend some time before their shoot to chat. It’s a great way for both of us to relax, get to know each other a bit more, and answer any questions that may come up. Throughout the session, I try to chat and ask questions to ease their nerves along the way. Taking your clothes off in front of a stranger is never an easy task so I try my absolute hardest to make them feel as comfortable as possible. 

After The Session

After the session is over, the purchasing session has been completed, and the product has been delivered, I love to check in one last time. It may seem a bit silly but I want to make sure they love their end result. Most of the time, clients say they got it and thank me for checking in but every now and then I get another question. I love that I checked in because I never want them to have any unanswered questions or concerns along the way. 

Communication is so important in all aspects of life but especially in business. Running your own business is such an amazing experience and I pride myself in the service that I provide my clients. Having good communication skills and customer service is important in keeping my business up and running.