Tools For Your Photography Business

When you are new to running any business, it can hard to know what tools and resources will work best for your business. There are so many aspects of running a company and so many things to learn along the way. The longer you are in business, you will learn what works best and what doesn’t. Here are a few of my favorite tools and resources to go to! 

Education & Courses

Tools For Your Photography Business

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is continue to learn and challenge yourself. It helps you grow as a creative! One of the best parts about the photography industry is that there are so many courses, workshops and free education tools that you can participate in. If you specialize in boudoir, maybe taking a landscape course will help push your boundaries and challenge you creatively. You don’t have to offer that type of photography but just challenging yourself will help you get more creative in the field that you specialize in. From books to courses, there are so many great tools out there. You also don’t have to pay a ton of money for them either. There are some great free resources out there as well. 


Theses days, everyone is comparing themselves to others and that can really mess with your head. Your community is an amazing tool and resource that you can use to help grow yourself as a photographer. Join your local community of likeminded people who can help you grow, give you tips, and help push you to be the best photographer possible. From in person groups to social media communities, you have a great opportunity to meet so many different photographers. 


We live in a time that everything can be searched on the internet. As soon as I have a question or are not sure of something, I turn to Google to help me out! From writing contracts to the perfect social media post, the internet has helped me learn so much over the years. I know it can be a pain to do research over and over again but it honestly will make you a better business owner.


If I ever don’t know something and can’t figure it out on my own, I always hire out! There is nothing wrong with relying on lawyers or CPA’s to help you with writing contracts and doing taxes. There are some things that are harder to figure out and can take a lot of time to specialize in. It’s okay to hire professionals when you need to! They specialize in those things for a reason. It will also help you free up some time to focus on what you do best, photography! 

These are just a few of my go to resources. If you have anything that you can’t live without, be sure to comment below! I’d love to hear what your go to tools and resources are.