Creating Captions for Social Media

When it comes to social media, creating captions can be one of the hardest parts. You know of so many great images to share with your following, but you don’t know what to say. It can be really hard to come up with good captions day after day. I want to share a few of my favorite tips with you so that creating content will become less of a chore for you!


A huge factor that a lot of people forget about is deciding on a vibe for your business. How do you want to be perceived on the internet? I know most boudoir photographers share a common theme of almost nude images but that doesn’t have to be your vibe. Maybe you want to go the more natural route or maybe you want to go the glamorous route. Think about your brand and what you want potential clients to feel and see when they see you online.

Finding Your Voice

This comes into play during your branding process but knowing your voice is important. What kind of language does your brand use often? It’s important to keep this in mind when creating captions. You want to make sure that every post is on-brand for you! The more you write the more you will find your voice. Let things flow naturally.

Switch It Up

Variety is key! You don’t want to be talking about the same thing day after day. It can get a little boring! From quotes to asking questions, there are so many different things that you can talk about. Be sure to put some time and energy into your captions. While it may be easy to just throw a quote on a photo, you want to make sure that it is well thought out and perfect for your brand.


When you have sessions with clients, be sure to listen! Questions that are asked a lot in conversations that you have could turn into really good content. Keep that in mind when you are doing your everyday tasks and meeting with clients. You may think that clients won’t care but I promise that they will!


Proofreading is so important! I recommend writing your captions and proofreading them in separate sessions. Doing it all once can be hard because you have been staring at the same words for a while. Poor grammar and punctuation can make you look unprofessional. Something so simple can put a damper on your business.

Have Fun

An important factor that a lot of people forget about social media is that it is meant to be social. Have a little fun with your posts! Get to know your audience and let them get to know you too. It is an extension of your business so be sure to keep it professional, but there is no reason that you shouldn’t have fun with it!

Captions can be tricky to create when you don’t know what to write about. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to create that perfect caption. Remember, progress will get you further than perfection will. Remember to have fun with it! :)